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Why you’re never too old to start geocaching

We all know there’s a sense of mystery and adventure to be felt when you set off in search of a geocache, and the feeling when you actually find one is addictively satisfying. Luckily there are no prerequisites for geocaching and geocaches come in all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. In fact, geocaching is fun for all ages. Here’s why:

It keeps you curious
Geocaching helps you rediscover the world around you. Before geocaching, that tree you walked by was just a pretty tree, but now you know to look up and see the geocache disguised as a birdhouse. Geocaching keeps you curious and transforms the everyday into an adventure.

You can go at your own pace
Sure there are T (terrain) and D (difficulty) 5 geocaches, but there are also T and D 1 geocaches. Start where you are comfortable and grow from there! Just because a geocache has a lower difficulty or terrain rating doesn’t mean it’s less fun!

It keeps you young at heart
Geocaching is like being part of a secret society. Just like geocaches, you may be passing by geocachers everyday and not even know it! But sometimes right after you’ve just found a cache you’ll pass another person on their way there. You make eye contact, observe a phone or GPS in their hands, and you can’t help but share a smirk of acknowledgement that you’re both on a “secret” mission.

It gets you outside and helps Mother Earth
Geocaching is committed to positively contributing to our world through environmentally friendly practices. From finding EarthCaches to attending a CITO (Cache in Trash Out®) event to help preserve cache-friendly spaces, every geocaching outing can make an impact while getting you outside and exploring at the same time.

Geocaching is for all ages and abilities and that’s just one reason we love it, but we want to know why you geocache! Share in the comments below!

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