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Don’t Shock the Goat — Geocache of the Week

Don’t Shock the Goat
by hyliston
Massachusetts, United States
N 42° 25.049′ W 073° 16.657′

Some goats faint when they feel a sense of panic—this one will yell at you if you can’t keep a steady hand. Don’t Shock the Goat (GC6JZ0Q) requires you to have ultra-focus while navigating a metal “wand” around the outline of a goat. If the wand touches the metal frame, all your efforts are lost and you have to start at the beginning. With almost 300 Favorite points, this gadget cache is one of the most Favorited caches in Massachusetts.

Located at a ski resort just off the beaten path, our Geocache of the Week isn’t hard to find—opening it to get the cache is the true challenge. Aside from finding the code for the padlock on the outside, you’ll need to consider a few things. The geocache has electronic features on it and can’t function without some power. According to the cache page you are required to bring three AA batteries. Once the padlock is unlocked and the door to the cache opens, you’re greeted with a temperamental goat who remains happy so long as you don’t shock it.

To test your Dr. Doolittle skills, insert the AA batteries and wait for the three lights on the cache to blink. Then touch the wand to the top of the green bolt to reset the cache and to enable the green light on the cache. If you bump the wire with the wand after enabling it, it will make a loud buzzing sound and the light will turn red until you reset the cache again. Repeat this until you are able to make it around the wire and touch the opposite bolt. 

If you make it to the end of the challenge a blue light appears to show that you completed the cache, and the final door swings open both revealing the logbook and solidifying your friendship with the temperamental goat. 

Caches that take added effort are always a thrill for the cachers who find them. According to cache owner hyliston this cache took 50 hours to create, but has sparked timeless memories for geocachers that have come to meet the goat.

What was the last geocache that ‘shocked’ you?

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