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Sagrada Família — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by traginer
Cataluña, Spain
N 41° 24.183 E 002° 10.402

Our 2020 plans may have looked a little different, but many of us know the simple joy of caching while on vacation. While caching can take us to new places off the tourist trail, it can also enhance our experience at popular destinations. The Sagrada Família, a basilica in Barcelona, is the most visited landmark in Spain. Although cachers are delighted to be able to log a smiley here, the high amount of muggles means geocachers must break out their best geostealth moves at our Geocache of the Week, Sagrada Família (GC52N0E).

Image by vittoria_attolini.

Cache owner traginer keeps up the regular maintenance on this cache placed in 2015 that has over 7,700 logs and 300 + Favorite points. While cachers make their way to the coordinates, they can read the cache page’s description which details why the Sagrada Família is such a fascinating landmark and deserving of a cache. Conceptualized by architect Antoni Gaudí in 1883, he decided in 1914 to devote his entire work to the Sagrada Família up until his death in 1926.

Image by ignachu.

Although many plans and photos were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, it was possible to piece together enough materials to continue on with Gaudí’s vision. Construction of this intricately detailed temple began more than 135 years ago and continues to this day! This cache is an important way to make sure geocachers don’t miss out on the improbable and incredible ongoing story of the basilica.    

Cachers should not be surprised to see hordes of muggles around the coordinates. Some lucky cachers detail in their logs a quick and simple find as muggles direct all of their attention to the elaborate basilica. According to cacher Lulybelle,

“Nice new log found without any suspicion from anyone, the muggles hadn’t missed me as I slipped away for a few minutes whilst they were taking photos of this truly incredible building.”

Others are not so lucky and must employ their best attempt at discretion. Stealthy moves detailed in the cache logs include tying shoelaces, sitting on a nearby bench to wait out the muggles, using their own muggle travel companion as a cover, and just simply enjoying the stunning view while keeping an eye out for the perfect opportunity.

Image by krusnohorci.

There is a good chance cachers may meet other cachers looking at the same time or even invite a curious muggle to join. GPSaanes wrote in their log,

“…a local vendor started searching and gave us the cache! He has a big smile on his face! And we also!”

Whether you make a sneaky find using your well-honed geostealth techniques or are able to make a quick grab, you’ll take not only souvenirs and great memories home, but a smiley as well.

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