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Mykines #4 The Lighthouse — Geocache of the Week

by okvalle
Faroe Islands
N 62° 05.838′ W 007° 40.932′

Geocaching has a way of sparking the desire for adventure and the want to go to the ends of the Earth to find every last cache. They often seek out unique adventures that lead them to new and exciting locations, like the Faroe Islands, where we will be traveling for this week’s Geocache of the Week, Mykines #4 The Lighthouse (GC1TY24). 

Image by ZéSampa.

Nestled halfway between Norway and Iceland you will find a small chain of 18 islands that make up the Faroe Islands. This Geocache of the Week takes us to the westernmost island of Mykines. The only way for geocachers to get to this island is either by ferry or helicopter, which lends to the difficulty and terrain rating. Only fourteen people live on this island year-round, so you will truly feel like you are exploring the ends of the Earth while making your way to GC1TY24.

Image by ZéSampa.

Once you climb off the ferry and step foot on Mykines you will be faced with a hike that will lead you to the lighthouse and ground zero for this geocache. You will begin your two-hour journey to the lighthouse by making your way up a rocky set of stairs. Geocachers will follow a path that will bring you to lookouts and wind you through the island. Large cliffs and rolling, grassy hills will guide your way to the cache. On the hike, part of the challenge of your journey is crossing an older and tattered bridge—cross at your own risk. 

Image by ZéSampa.

Once you’ve finally made it to the lighthouse you are ready to begin your search for the cache. It can be easy to get distracted by the view but you have to remain focused here. You are looking for a small tupperware container, which can be found close to the lighthouse; if you follow the hints it won’t be too hard to spot. After you sign the logbook and exchange some SWAG, it is time to take in the incredible view and appreciate the journey that led you there. 

Geocachers come from all over the world to spend time on the Faroe Islands and find GC1TY24. Geocacher aschandi shares their journey to find the cache, “It was worthwhile to walk here especially in the late afternoon when the light was the best and stealth was not needed for getting the cache.” 

Image by ZéSampa.

Before your day trip to Mykines is over don’t forget to bird watchseriously. Mykines is known for an abundance of Puffins; nearly sixty-three thousand of them migrate to the island between May and August—so keep your eye out.  

Geocachers who make the long journey to Mykines and throughout the island to log GC1TY24 leave with amazing memories of their breath-taking nature walk and their well-deserved find of the geocache!

Image by Fotopinguin.

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