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New country souvenir, Tanzania, with Geocache of the Week: Uhuru Peak

Traditional Cache
by Verm
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Today, we released a new country/regional souvenir for Tanzania. If you have found a geocache in Tanzania, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Karibu Tanzania! Nestled within the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is a vast East African country known for its sprawling wilderness and opportunities to see the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants, and African buffalos) on safari. Home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the wild Serengeti, and the largest volcanic crater on Earth, Tanzania has an abundance of riches just waiting to be explored.

Many geocachers fly to the capital and primary business hub of the country, Dar es Salaam, to prepare for their expeditions around the region. Although many visitors travel directly to the national parks, don’t miss the chance to travel by boat to Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar. Enjoy the dynamic culture and historical points of interest all while finding GC3YH4X, a Traditional Cache hidden inside the Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar.

Image by Sněhurka1.

Following your visit to Zanzibar, escape the hustle and bustle by heading north towards the national parks. A brief flight from the capital will place you within a few hours drive of numerous natural wonders. Many geocachers travel to the Serengeti on safari; here you will find GC24XFP, a beloved EarthCache, as well as unforgettable animals you may have only spotted previously on the cover of magazines.

Image by Woisträßler.

Featuring the largest crater on the planet, Ngorongoro National Park hosts two incredible geocaches. The crater’s edges appear as though pulled toward the skies with invisible strings. On the lip of the crater, a thrilling EarthCache adventure awaits you; take in the view and find the answers for GC24AN7. If you are up for an additional adventure, you can hike down into the crater and find GCXXWE, a Traditional cache with magnificent views from the crater floor.

Image by el2ko4.

Selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, Mount Kilimanjaro is an awe-inspiring conclusion to your visit in Tanzania and home to our Geocache of the Week, Uhuru Peak, GC10CTQ. If you want an elevated geocaching experience and the challenge of a lifetime, Kilimanjaro beckons.

Image by BernhardGruber.

In order to climb to the top of Africa, you must make arrangements to hike with a tour company to ensure climber safety at every point during the expedition. There are three common routes, the Marangu, the Rongai, or the Lemosho; regardless of your selection, each path will be at least 45 miles long (72.5 km) and gain more than 12,000 ft (3,657 m) over the course of 5 days or more. With each passing step, the ultimate goal becomes closer and closer. After a grueling journey, you can finally see the finish line… the summit!

Image by Shambler.

Once you’ve made it to Uhuru Peak, it’s time to celebrate! You’re standing on the tallest point in all of Africa. After coming this far, don’t turn back without finding the cache. Only about 300 feet (100 m) from the summit, GC10CTQ is thoroughly concealed to prevent being dislodged by the powerful elements.

Image by el2ko4.

After hunting for the container for what seems like an eternity, something appears slightly out of place…eureka! You’ve found the 10th highest active Traditional Cache in the entire world. Inside the cache, you will find a weathered but storied logbook featuring the names of geocachers from around the globe. The numerous hours of planning, dedication, and training have finally paid off!

Image by Broatn.

Alas, while the views from the top are truly endless, your time on the summit is not. As you make your way down with your geocaching crew, the mountaintop will slowly fade from view. On your way towards basecamp, the temperatures warm and you can finally breathe a bit easier. As your remarkable week draws to a close, the memories and magic of the climb will stay with you forever.

Image by wood_team.

Whether you come to see big game while on safari, to learn the intriguing history of Zanzibar, or to climb the highest peak on the African continent, Tanzania is a spectacular African destination where you can do it all.

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