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INDIANA JONES and Glagolitic tablet — Geocache of the Week



by Alke04







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Hey there, adventurers! Are you ready to put your language skills to the test?

Today we’re looking back to 1851, to the discovery of an ancient tablet that depicts one of the first written instances of the Croatian language. This important artifact will be crucial to help you solve the linguistic puzzle of a lifetime, just like famed fictional anthropologist, Indiana Jones.

So if you’re up for the challenge, say hello and “zdravo” to our Geocache of the Week, INDIANA JONES and Glagolitic tablet (GC3MJ0M).

Image by Eric van Graveheart.

This puzzle, like many others, begins in an obvious location: the cache listing. After a brief history on the tablet itself, adventurers will view their mission via “leatherbound notebook” on the cache page.

Unfamiliar symbols are marked on an old piece of parchment. Thorough research indicates that these symbols are part of the Glagolitic script, an alphabet created for Slavic languages in the 9th century.

Throughout Baška, there are large stones inscribed with each of these symbols. Your mission is as follows: find each relic and note the information required in your notebook. Once you have gathered all the necessary information, the final location of this hunt for ancient treasure will make itself known.

Image by chomolungma.

You embark on your journey with only your notebook and your sense of adventure. With 13 stops spread throughout the city, there is no time to be wasted!

At the posted coordinates, a map leads the way to each location. Each of the script-bearing stones varies slightly from one another, but an informational sign at each stop bears the clue for you to unlock the mystery. Enjoy the beauty of this historic city as you make your way from waypoint to waypoint.

Image by weltraumaeffchen.

With all your clues gathered, it’s time to solve the puzzle and make your way to the final location to claim your treasure! Feel free to don your best Indiana Jones-style fedora to truly get into character.

Hidden at GZ (ground zero), you will find a small geocache container with a notebook where you can note your findings from your extensive linguistic research. Perhaps you can even write your username in Glagolitic script!

Image by fencer-mani.

Having signed the log and replaced the cache container, you breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, your grand quest comes to a close and your fedora is retired (at least until the next adventure). You think back to the great distance you have traveled on this journey, and the new knowledge that you bring with you.

You smile as you realize that geocaching truly brings communities together, not only across nations and languages, but through time and history.

Image by tatanata.

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