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Four ways to get your geocaching groove back

Even the most dedicated of geocachers can sometimes fall into a rut. One month you’re on a streak finding cool caches and meeting your goals, but the next month brings a string of DNFs that make you doubt whether you’re the star geocacher that you know you are. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We have you covered with four tips for how to get your geocaching groove back.

Set geocaching goals
Get back in the swing of things by setting small goals and building on them. You can start off with something simple like finding one cache a week. Or aim to finish the current Signal’s Labyrinth challenge and, after escaping the labyrinth, see if you can go on a week-long streak. Your sense of accomplishment will keep you moving from one goal to the next and you’ll feel like you have geocaching superstar status in no time.

Plan your outings with Lists and filters
Planning is often the difference between just finding a few caches and having an outstanding outing. Luckily, planning is easy with Premium features in the Geocaching® mobile app like search filters and Lists. Filter for the exact cache types, cache sizes, difficulty, attributes, and terrain ratings you’d like to find. Then add your chosen caches to a List to organize your outing and download the List so it’s available if your outing takes you to an off-the-grid location.

Attend an Event
Attending an Event is a great way to get to know your local geocaching community and get tips for finding difficult geocaches in your area. It’s also a great opportunity to make caching buddies and plan future group outings. Visit your dashboard on to view a calendar of nearby Events!

Hide a cache
If finding caches isn’t going as well as you’d like recently, don’t let that discourage you. Switch over to the other side of the game and hide a new cache. Whether it’s your first or tenth cache hide, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when another cacher writes a thoughtful “Found it” log for your hide or gives it a Favorite point. You’ll even earn a souvenir for hiding a cache before 2022 ends!

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