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Post-Apocalyptic geocaching — Red Sands Fort (GC1DVNY) — Geocache der Woche!

By Derek H
Fort Red Sands Photo by geocacher Drsdoolittle

Geocache Name:
Red Sands Fort (GC1DVNY)
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Geocaching takes us to some pretty amazing places and can teach us the history of a location. This geocache takes you 8 miles out to see to a group of abandoned World War 2 era forts that were used to protect London from invasion. The history is incredible, but the view is what makes it worth it. Coming up to these forts evokes an almost post-apocalyptic feeling. The photos remind me of something I would read about in a zombie-survival novel. They’re quite creepy and awesome at the same time.
What geocachers have to say:
“Brilliant cache thanks for bringing me out here. Pics of course and a fav too. Unbelievable that this has only 3 favs so far! Don’t know what it must take for some people to fav a cache!!” – maattmoo
“Ive been after this ever since seeing it existed. Gutted that we didn’t think about the tide and as you can see from the photo, there was no way we were ever going to get on the platform. Out of interest, without any ladder in place is it ever possible? Great cache, which was almost touching distance away!” – Rhinoback
“Thanks for the cache – we are really pleased to be able to give Red Sands it’s 1st favourite point!” – The_Buffs
What the geocache creator, LostInTheWoods! , has to say:

A colleague and I travelled out on the X-Pilot boat. The skipper had arrange the trip so that we could easily access the landing platform. We viewed the radio station and my colleague met many guys that he had visited during his earlier Pirate Radio Chaser years. He recognised them, and they recognised him, immediately. All friends now, thankfully, or we may have had to walk a hastily erected plank. We then had an amazing tour of the WW2 Gun Platform, upper, level. Lovely views that day but not so lovely if you were being straffed by a WW2 figher way back in the 1940’s. It was here that we met the Fort’s sponsor. He was so keen to promote the existance of the Red Sands Fort that he eagerly accepted my request to place a geocache on it.

Like most cache owners, it’s always appreciated when I get detailed descriptions in Found its, DNFs, and Notes relating to this cache and all of my other caches.
I have certainly enjoyed reading all of the Red Sands Fort cache’s logs.

If you fancy going for this cache, make sure that you go properly prepared and check the tide times. Perhaps go as part of an organised group. Read the main page and logs to find out more.

Close-up of one of the towers. Photo by geocacher maattmoo
50% creepy, 50% awesome. Photo by geocacher jimbo-ugk
Nearing the fort. Photo by geocacher palmercol

What “unreal” places has geocaching taken you? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.
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