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Privy (GC2Z6GB) — Geocache der Woche!

Geocache Name: Privy (GC2Z6GB) by seskds

Geocache Location:Missouri, USA
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:D1/T1

Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Find this cache and you might start to think more fondly about indoor plumbing. Luckily for the trackables left inside this cache, it’s not the real thing. Geocacher seskds has hidden this cache on his property, and given those geocachers who make the drive out to it a heck of a laugh.
Some of the highlights:
Exclusive “Privy Parking”
A toilet paper roll logbook
Signal the Frog artwork on the throne itself
Buckets of swag…and insects
What geocachers have to say:
“Driving back to Indianapolis and stopping at interesting and convenient caches along the way. I saw all the favorite points on this one so had to stop. So glad I did. This is definitely one of the largest caches I have found and very entertaining. Definitely a favorite. Thanks for the fun stop on my journey through the area.” –rbmotmot
“This cache is AWESOME!!! We hit the cache at the corner 1st and came back here. We took pictures, signed the log book (great log too) and spent way too much time looking at the swag and the craftsmanship here. I added some donate life stuff to the bottom of the door and took 1 poker chip. Thank you for a great cache in the middle of almost nowhere.” –Sycoscouter
“This is another one of those amazing cache sites that gets people interested in Geo Caching! TFTC and thanks to the owners for providing parking to this one. Great Job and merits a favorite point from us.” –10-Nacious-Bs
“Find 475. This one is fantastic! The kids loved it! The CO’s granddaughter came out to greet us while we spent some time exploring the container. We swapped some swag and signed the “roll”. A favorite! TFTC!” –P98 (By Alex)

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