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Der Telefonjoker (🌜Night-Cache, Multi🌛) — Geocache of the Week

by WM79
Zurich, Switzerland
N 47° 14.421â€Č E 008° 29.780â€Č

You will have to wait for a dark ‘night’ to find this cache. We aren’t talking about Batman—this is a night cache, so all you have to do is wait for the sun to go down. This Letterbox Hybrid is no joke. It has three stages that lead you to a red-herring box full of 200 mobile phones and a birdhouse with an mp3 speaker that tells you your task to find this Geocache of the Week. 

Finding a cache at night can be creepy, and this one is no exception: at the end of this one you come face to face with the infamous Joker. The unpredictable menace is up to no good and stands between you and the logbook. Like Batman, you need to save the day with a couple tactical items in your utility belt:

  • UV light
  • Flashlight
  • Lock picking set

A sidekick is recommended and an appointment needs to be made ahead of time via the cache page. 

The first stage is a mailbox with cryptic numbers on it that point you to the next stage. After unscrambling the numbers and finding the coords, the next stage requires you to take out the UV light and search the area for the next waypoint. A voice comes from a speaker inside the box and gives instructions on how to open the next locks.

The final stage is a locked chest and the only way in is by picking the lock. The Joker appears, along with another lock to pick on a smaller box, but there’s a catch. This box holds 200 cell phones, not the logbook.There are three phones that contain the correct numbers for the combination of the final lock. If you make it through this daunting stage the logbook awaits you, to proudly impress your letterbox stamp upon it, and you save the day. 

Source: Geocaching

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