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Geocaching and traveling are natural partners, and every year cachers from around the world combine these pursuits when they travel to Seattle to visit Geocaching HQ. 

Whether you are new to geocaching or you are about to log your 20,000th find, there’s a little something for everyone at HQ. The HQ Visitor Center is home to the famous HQ geocache, a live map showing recently logged caches around the globe, our rare trackable collection, the HQ photo booth, and the HQ shop.

If you are a geocacher who gets excited about trackables, Geocaching HQ is the right place for you. The HQ geocache has trackables from all over the world waiting to be discovered and moved along on their journey, as well as space to drop off your own. Visitors can also discover over 50 rare trackables on display. This collection includes some of the earliest geocoins, trackables from popular promotions, and our rarest pieces: the two travel bugs that made it to the geocache on the International Space Station.

For visiting geocachers who need to stock up on geocaching gear, the HQ shop has you covered with cache maintenance supplies, Tools of the Trade, cache containers, trackables, and even Signal the Frog®!

Additionally, the HQ shop offers many items that are only available for purchase at HQ. The HQ exclusive merchandise includes apparel, pins, magnets, lanyards, and unique geocoins. The most popular items in the HQ shop are the exclusive geocoins, which make for excellent souvenirs and gifts. These include an HQ geocoin, the HQ GeoTour coin, a special coin dedicated to caching in the Northwest, and a treasure chest coin modeled after the actual HQ geocache.

In addition to everything inside the Visitor Center, there is also much to see in Fremont, the neighborhood of Seattle that HQ calls home. We even created a GeoTour to highlight some of our favorite spots. The HQ GeoTour leads cachers to nine geocaches within walking distance of our office. The stops on the tour range from easy Traditional Caches, to clever Multi-Caches, and a breathtaking Virtual Cache. Visitors can stop by HQ to pick up a passport for the tour and come back to receive a stamp of completion after finding all nine geocaches. 

While you are in the Pacific Northwest, there are two other legendary caches within driving distance from HQ:

  • Project APE cache GC1169 Mission 9: Tunnel of Light
  • The Original Stash Tribute Plaque GCGV0P 

Along with the HQ geocache, this trio of caches makes up the Trifecta: three geocaches important to the origins and early history of the game. Logging the Trifecta is one of the crowning achievements of geocaching. Many visitors plan entire trips around finding these three storied caches. If you complete the Trifecta at HQ, you can celebrate the achievement by picking up the substantial Trifecta pyramid geocoin available in the HQ Shop.

Image by Honu 58

For those looking to complete The Jasmer Challenge, there are several quality vintage caches in Washington and Oregon. GCD, located on Mt. Margaret in the Snoqualmie Pass, is the oldest cache in Washington placed in June 2000. In Oregon there are GC12 and GC17, which were placed in May 2000 and July 2000 respectively.

For more information about visiting Geocaching HQ check out our HQ Visits site and view the video below

We love having visitors and we are especially excited as we near our 20th Anniversary Celebration in August 2020 when we will welcome many geocachers to Seattle. We hope to see you at HQ soon!

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