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New country souvenir, Tunisia, with Geocache of the Week: THERMES OF CARTHAGE

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Today, we release a new country/regional souvenir for Tunisia. If you have found a geocache in Tunisia, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Tunisia is one of the smaller countries in North Africa, but don’t let its size lead you to underestimate what Tunisia has to offer. With bright Mediterranean beaches in the north and the sandy Sahara Desert in the south, Tunisia displays eye-catching environmental diversity. The country’s long history ranges from the early Berber culture to the Roman and Ottoman Empires, to modern Tunisian democracy. This captivating and complex history is embodied in the country’s art and architecture

  Image by volksdansje.

Another treasure of this North African nation is its geocaching landscape. Geocachers in Tunisia can search for a cache near Lake Ichkeul surrounded by birds resting on the lake’s shores at GC75FA, log a find while admiring the Byzantine architecture in the old medina in Sousse at GC3APHX, or learn fascinating facts about granite and marble at THERMES OF CARTHAGE (GC83BQE), our Geocache of the Week. 

Image by Ci_Ti.

This EarthCache is named for the ruins of the Roman bath complex in the capital city of Tunis where it is found. The Baths of Carthage, also called the Baths of Antoninus, was the largest bath complex outside of Rome when it was built in the 2nd century AD. Today only ruins remain, but visitors who walk along the paths and under the arches of the complex’s foundation, and take in the location’s stunning view of the Gulf of Tunis can imagine how grand the original imperial structure must have been.

Image by menschle.

To log this find, cachers have to pay close attention to the enormous columns that still stand at the baths. The tallest of these columns is over 15 meters high (49 feet) and gives a sense of the scale of the complex when it was first built. The columns are made of marble and two types of granite, which were extracted further east in the Roman Empire in Egypt. On the cache page, cache owner VIRGILIUS provides information about the composition and characteristics of the two types of rock, which help to answer the questions required for logging.

A visit to THERMES OF CARTHAGE (GC83BQE) gives cachers a chance to take in the natural beauty of the Tunisian coastline and marvel at the ruins of an ancient empire. For those looking for a fantastic find in Tunisia’s capital, this EarthCache is sure to impress.

We know geocachers love country and regional souvenirs and we do too! We are releasing at least one new country/regional souvenir per month starting in January 2019. These new souvenirs will be featured alongside Geocaches of the Week in each region and shared on the third Wednesday of each month. Check out all of the Geocaching souvenirs here.

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