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New country souvenir, Honduras, with Geocache of the Week: Copan

by Ushaci
N 14° 50.423′ W 089° 08.468′

Today, we release a new country/regional souvenir for Honduras! If you have found a geocache in Honduras, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Honduras is home to ancient Mayan ruins, the world’s second largest coral reef, and several active volcanoes. Caches here showcase the natural beauty of this country, from the Caribbean lowlands to the expansive mountainous highlands.

Honduras is made up of four main regions:

  • Eastern Caribbean lowlands
  •  Pacific lowlands
  •  Central highlands
  •  Northern Coastal plains and mountains

The eastern Caribbean lowlands is a densely forested and coastal region that rests at the foothills of the mountainous central highlands that make up two-thirds of the country. This is the most popular destination for tourists but not the region with the most geocaches. Just off the northern coast is the island of Roatán – the most cache-dense area of the country.

One of the most sought-after caches near Roatán is the Odyssey Shipwreck (GC5QZQE), an underwater scuba adventure to a fallen cargo ship. There are a couple of other scuba caches nearby, as well as a coral reef, that is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. After a day of diving and caching on the island, top it off with this relaxing Multi-Cache back on the mainland: Jilamito Hot Springs (GC5K61H).

There is a lot of rich history in Honduras. It is home to the oldest clock in the Americas (built in 1100 AD) and ancient Mayan ruins, most notably the ancient city of Copán, which flourished from ~500 AD to 900 AD, when this ancient Maya city collapsed. Today, there are the remnants of a time long long ago and a treasure for any geocacher daring to find our Geocache of the Week: Copan (GC47AW9).

After exploring the ruins and seeing a few Macaws along the way, you may wonder if there’s any treasure left to find here. While the allure of pyramids is strong, the real prize is deep in the woods beside the city. Legend has it that a rare artifact disguised as a tin of mints exists within the city of Copán that only expert navigators using complex tools could find. Finding the tin is said to bring smileys to all who discover it (211 smileys to be exact).

We know geocachers love country and regional souvenirs and we do too! We are releasing at least one new country/regional souvenir per month starting in January 2020. These new souvenirs will be featured alongside Geocaches of the Week in each region and shared on the third Wednesday of each month. Check out all of the Geocaching souvenirs here.

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