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TB Hotel Naish1967 — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by naish1967
Limburg, Netherlands
N 50° 52.674′ E 005° 44.534′

Every now and again you come across a geocache so cool, so great, so surprising that you have to give it a Favorite point to applaud the cache owner. Eight years after hiding this clever cache in their front yard, naish1967’s geocache TB Hotel Naish1967 (GC3QXFJ) has a total of 507 Favorite points and 1300+ Found it logs. But what makes it so special? It comes out of nowhere!

Imagine arriving at the cache location. You know there’s a highly Favorited cache around here somewhere. All the usual suspects have been checked: branches, trees, stones, magnets, a false brick. Nothing seems to be working. Time to check the cache page. The hint says “pull the rope?

Ok, this rope does seem suspicious…

Image by Geomoin

When you pull on the rope one of the rocks moves. Then the geocache rises from the ground like a hidden treasure from an action adventure movie featuring Nicolas Cage. There it is. In all its glory. The logbook awaits, ready to be signed. We recommend an epic song for dramatic effect.

Image by Geomoin

Even though this is placed in naish1967’s front yard it still feels like you’re solving a puzzle from an ancient secret society. A lot of time and effort goes into adding a little extra to a geocache, but the reward of bringing joy into people’s lives makes it all worth it. If you happen to see the cache owner in the window feel free to wave and say hello!

Image by KoukleumNL

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