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Medieval View — Geocache of the Week

by The Rhine Knight

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
S N 50° 12.381 E 007° 20.010

Have you ever wanted to travel back to medieval times? You could be a dashing knight or perhaps a keeper of secrets wandering the castle halls. Wish no longer! With more than 3,300 Favorite points, our Geocache of the Week, Medieval View (GC26C) hidden by The Rhine Knight, is the oldest active geocache in Germany and is ready to bring you back in time. 

Image by  kirkess+jukebox94.

Burg Elz is the remarkable setting for this adventure. Constructed in the 12th century, Burg Elz has never been conquered. This castle’s strength mirrors the resilience and fortitude of cachers who wish to log their find just outside of its walls. GC26C was hidden in 2001 and remains steadfast in its place in history, much like the castle that you gaze upon after signing your name on the log.  

Most muggles will only see one side of the castle, but those who seek a cache will be able to have a new vantage point. The woods on the outskirts of this structure are the hiding place of GC26C, so be sure to pack some adventuring gear! Cachers have logged this cache while accompanied by their children, so this experience is suitable for the whole family! Although the cache container is unassuming, it provides a view unlike any other.

Image by El Lite.

There is a main path that leads to the castle, and a smaller path to the northwest that leads towards a wooded area. If you take that lesser traveled path, you have found one way to begin your trek to this memorable destination. Walk through an enchanting forest and use your geo-senses to find the blue-lidded cache that holds twenty years of geocaching memories. Tucked away on a scramble of rocks the CO made a wooden box camouflaged with a rock on top of it.

Image by n1974.

The medieval whimsy of this cache is alluring, and the quick hike to the cache will be well worth the victory of conquering and obtaining this smiley! This beautiful castle does attract tourists, but GC26C welcomes you to leave the crowd and to enjoy a new perspective. Dive back into the early days of geocaching and the early days of Germany while exploring the trails and nature of our Geocache of the Week, Medieval View.

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