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PhoneBooth — Geocache of the Week

by CacheDweeb

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This Geocache of the Week makes that hotline bling (but not late at night, there are time restrictions with this one). 

PhoneBooth (GC87WW6) is never going to let you down if you need to phone a friend – it has a phone book full of them! CacheDweeb constructed this gadget cache out of a phone booth in Massachusetts. To the untrained eye it may look like an ancient artifact from a forgotten time, but to others it’s a high tech piece of equipment.

Located in a small town and tucked away in a parking lot, GC87WW6 doesn’t appear to dazzle the eye at first glance, but as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. Opening the door reveals a payphone and a phonebook. The phonebook will be the key to unlocking this puzzle.

Scrolling through the phonebook’s pages, certain numbers are highlighted and you’re encouraged to call them for hints. The gadget cache is set up so that, if you call the same number more than once, you will get a different message. 

Once you’ve called the right numbers and gathered all the right information the right thing to do is dial the “cache owner” and the find is yours. To get the full scope of the answer, it may take 30-45 minutes after making the phone calls to unlock the cache. In case you want to start the puzzle over again there’s a red reset button, which also has to be pressed before starting it for the first time. 

Whether you like phoning home, phoning a friend, or phoning 867-5309, this Geocache of the Week is guaranteed to dial you into a fun experience.

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