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Steps down to a lost place — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
S 08° 29.484 E 115° 16.770

Oftentimes, the location of a geocache is as much of a hidden treasure as the cache itself. Many well-placed geocaches take seekers to special destinations that are not named on maps and would otherwise be overlooked. This is certainly the case with our latest Geocache of the Week, Steps down to a lost place (GC6R865). This Traditional Geocache, located in Bali, Indonesia, leads geocachers to a lush green oasis tucked away at the site of an old deserted dam.

Image by TeamMicroRiskant.

The journey to find this cache begins at the small building that once housed the administrative offices for the dam operation. From there, cachers will follow a long steep set of cement steps that lead down to the remains of the dam. As you climb down the steps, the distant sound of a waterfall will grow louder and the natural scenery will become more wild and abundant. Finally you will reach the cache’s hiding place, where you can sign the logbook and take in the beautiful view of the rainforest, waterfall, and remains of the dam.

Image by jennywiberg.

When you arrive at the coordinates for the geocache, making the find should be fairly easy, but cachers will have to exercise caution on their way there. The steps are covered in moss and can be very slippery when it rains. Since no improvements have been made to the steps since the dam was abandoned, it is important to watch where you are going.

Image by ject9a.

Found it logs posted on the cache page of GC6R865 underscore why this geocache is one of the most Favorited geocaches in Indonesia. Cacher De Dammekes writes, “This is just the reason why I still do geocaching.”

Standing at the remains of the dam and looking out at the waterfall and vivid green plantlife, you’ll be reminded of how magical the world becomes when you’re a geocacher. When you go out to find geocaches, the world around you opens up and reveals all kinds of hidden treasure.

Image by ject9a.

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