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Sailors’ Star — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by vespax
Western Cape, South Africa
S 34° 21.340 E 018° 29.689

Set your sails for a location that captures the minds of many who seek adventure and chase the thrills that only the beauty of nature can provide. This edition of Geocache of the Week, Sailors’ Star (GCVDHN), drops anchor at a fabled landmark, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Image by Cheesy333.

As the cache description points out, the region around the Cape of Good Hope was settled around 200 AD by the Khoikhoi people. The location became world-famous centuries later because of the seafaring efforts of many European explorers seeking new trade routes. Famed British naval officer Francis Drake described the cape in 1580 as “The most stately thing and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.”

Image by Evolutionaries.

Today the cape is still just as enchanting. The stunning views of the rocky cliffs and blue sea on a sunny day are hard to beat. Cachers who set out to find this cache will have a view similar to what Francis Drake saw, with modern additions in the form of two lighthouses. The title of this Traditional Cache, Sailors’ Star, refers to the two lighthouses, whose lights have been like stars guiding many seafarers to safety.

Image by Cheesy333.

To find the cache you’ll have to take a walk on the cape towards the lighthouses. Finding the logbook shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you’re stumped, cache owner vespax gives a helpful description of the cache container and the location of the hide on the cache page. As you make your way to the coordinates, let the beautiful sights and sounds of this incredible coast captivate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. If you’re lucky, on your way to the cache you might also get to catch a glimpse of the baboons who inhabit the area.

Image by bthomas.

With the fascinating history of its location and the beautiful landscape surrounding it, Sailors’ Star is sure to satisfy any geocacher’s desire for adventure, enjoying the outdoors, and adding to their find count.

Image by ruzzelz.

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