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Pi Day 2021!

Happy Pi Day!

Geocaching is a game that celebrates community, adventure, and creativity. You are a geocacher whether you have logged one “Found it!” or ten thousand! There are many out there who strive to find as many caches as possible, and to delight in the rush of a new hide. What do you do when you feel that perhaps you’ve found them all?

Our answer: Keep on learning. Keep on planning.

Even after discovering 31 trillion digits, mathematicians are still working to calculate the end of pi. Did you know that pi technically isn’t infinite? It does seem, however, to never fully end—just like the journey to being the best cacher you can be!

There are more than 3 million active geocaches worldwide. Caches are hidden on all seven continents, and they are on every natural feature you can imagine. You can bike, dive, climb, hike, and crawl to caches. You can solve, search, or snap a picture to log a find. You can travel on a plane or walk down the road to a cache. There is an amazing endlessness to the potential of your geocaching journey. During times that you are not able to journey to a cache, you can stay home and solve a clever Mystery Cache.

Today, let’s celebrate the uniqueness of pi by looking to the future with curiosity, innovation, and wonder. Oh, and also with a slice of pie!

What inspires you to grow as a geocacher? Comment your answer! Ready? 1, 2, 3.14159265359…

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