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Tierischer Freizeitcache — Geocache of the Week

by snah007
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
N 48° 41.650′ E 008° 28.973′

🤠This geocache makes you feel like you’re solving archeological mysteries🤠 (Video below)

In Baden-Württemberg, Germany there is a 5 stage Multi-Cache that offers an amazing adventure to those who can make it from stage to stage. Similar to an action-adventure movie with baited traps and hidden doors, GC5V8BG makes you think hard at each stage leaving no stone unturned. Of the geocachers that made their way through the daunting Multi, 92% awarded the cache with a Favorite point.

This isn’t your average Multi-Cache in the woods. To find this cache you’ll need a few materials:

  1. A Decoder/Decoding app for audio frequency
  2. Cloth rags to clean stage 4
  3. A very small Phillips screwdriver.

Stage one leads you to a special stone, that when pushed down on, may hum a tune. Geocachers will need to decode this song and make sense of the message in order to then find another stone with four numbers carved into it. Along the way you’ll stumble across a true Dosenfisch and a few other interesting friends to help point you in the right direction.

Lastly, the Final Location. A green faucet is attached to a stone in a large stone wall. Lift up on the stone and it rotates backward to reveal an arrow pointing to the now exposed geocache on another rotating stone.

It’s easy to see why so many cachers gave Johannis10 a Favorite point for this creative hide and amazing experience. It’s not every day you find a geocache that feels like you’re truly searching for a great hidden treasure from year’s past. 

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