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Zeljava Airfield – Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by jurijo
N 44° 51.457′ E 015° 44.173′

Did you know that on the borders of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina there is an underground airport built into a mountain? While not in use for its original purposes anymore, the airbase serves as a police training facility, has been used to protect asylum seekers traveling through the area, and is free to explore. Remnants of the airbase remain intact and a former plane like this one creates a tricky spot for our Geocache of the Week: Zeljava Airfield (GC5822P). 

Geocaching is about the experience and allure of finding something unique. This is your mission: infiltrate an underground airport built into a mountain to save the world by signing your name on a very important logbook. This cache experience has 007 spy vibes littered throughout the journey. Who knew underground airports were even a thing?

Image by Demonici.

First things first, police monitor the area and appreciate a warning at the checkpoint of what you are doing. Once you’re in, the mission begins. Muggle rules still apply here – so be stealthy while you execute your search.

Image by Ve69.

You’ll see secret tunnels through underground bunkers, partially built planes, and special machinery used for assembly and defense. Making your way to the cache shouldn’t be too difficult, as it is placed near the entrance, but if you’re looking for adventure, you can always explore the facility after finding the geocache.

Image by @ducky_mike. Via instagram

The Douglas C-47B Dakota airplane sets the scene for this hide; a plane with clipped wings, forever grounded and smothered in graffiti and stickers. Getting into the plane can be difficult, but worth it to explore what’s inside. The logbook awaits your discovery hidden somewhere in or outside this plane. If lost places are what rev your engine, then this geocache will make you fly high.

Image by GAACO.

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