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Three Sisters — Geocache of the Week

by Scouter_John
Ontario, Canada
N 43° 13.270′ W 080° 21.231′

If given the opportunity to explore a piece of history and find the most challenging of geocaches, would you take it? It’s not every day you are presented with the chance to put your climbing skills to the test and get a glimpse into the past while doing it. This week’s Geocache of the Week takes us to Ontario, Canada, for the cache, Three Sisters (GC3T4H1).

Image by jocie1976.

The Three Sisters columns stand tall in the Grand River in Ontario. They were once part of the historical Grand Trunk Railway that was originally constructed in the 1800s. The bridge itself sat on top of the columns which crumbled years ago, but the columns have remained and have stood the test of time. These days, the columns are a stopping place for people to visit while floating down the river. They are also the final location for challenge-seeking, thrill-loving geocachers who are ready to put their climbing shoes on and reach the top! 

Image by Mississauga Misfits.

The best time to attempt this geocache is from May to October as the weather is at its best and the waters are more agreeable. Cache owner, Scouter_John recommends to not attempt this find during high river flow, as it can be very dangerous. Once you approach the last bit of land before reaching ground zero, you will have to decide how you will attempt the climb. There are multiple times during your search for the cache that will test your skills.

Deciding how you will make it across the water to the column is the first choice you must make in this journey. Most cachers will use a flotation device to glide across the water, while others who are comfortable with being in the water will attempt to wade across or even swim. The second test of your skills is your ability to get to the top of the column. Most will physically climb up the rock, while some bring additional tools of the trade to ease their climb, like cc cache! did with a ladder.

Image by cc cache!.

Many geocachers agree that the ascent to the top of the column for GC3T4H1 is the most thrilling part. Geocacher, squeeky348 recounts the steps they made to the cache, “It wasn’t really as bad as I thought, with the footholds in just the right spot, but I can say that I have never been so happy to grab onto a birch tree LOL. A final push and pull up and I can see the cache!” 

Once you have successfully scaled the column, finding the actual cache container should be a breeze. The geocache is a bucket neatly tucked away under some rubble and branches, adding good cover.

Image by Norshley.

Geocaching has a way of testing your determination and strengths, as GC3T4H1 has proven. Teamwork and a lot of bravery are needed for this thrilling cache. Whether you attempt this cache alone or with friends, you are sure to leave with new skills and lasting memories! 

Image by DeadlyRose.

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