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Sugar Beach – Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by Cism
S 20° 18.365 E 057° 21.800

Geocaching has a unique way of introducing us to both physically and intellectually challenging puzzles, all while surrounding us with incredible scenery. Our Geocache of the Week brings us to Mauritius, an African island nation boasting impressive flora and fauna, radiant turquoise waters, and best of all, incredible geocaches. Grab your snorkel, water shoes, and sense of adventure for this aquatic Geocache of the Week: Sugar Beach (GC1YP8J).

To begin your exciting island adventure, you’ll need to travel by boat or plane to get there. Although flights to the country often take half a day or longer, the serene beauty is surely worth the expedition. Many geocachers begin their trip in the capital, Port Louis, to take in the hustle and bustle of the city and grab supplies for their visit. To find GC1YP8J, you’ll need some aquatic essentials including water shoes, goggles, and sunblock.

Image by vladano.

Once you’re geared up, drive 40 minutes south to the seaside village of Flic-en-Flac, home to one of the longest public beaches in the country. Enjoy the relaxing warm sand and light breeze welcoming you to this restful destination. Once you find a bit of peace in this lovely place, it’s time to geocache! Grab your gear and make your way towards the breathtaking reference point found on the cache page.

Image by agnes.fleur.

From this picturesque spot, the cache page suggests that you look toward the posted coordinates. Try not to get too distracted by the crystal-like turquoise waters as you peer westward; you’re looking for several floating drums about 720 feet (220 m) off shore. After the eagle-eyed geocacher in your group spots the drums, put on your water shoes and wade into the water, being sure to avoid any coral formations while making headway towards the drums.

Once you’ve made it to the posted coordinates, throw on your goggles for a brief dip beneath the surface to locate several rubber tires on the seafloor. Fear not! The cache owner, Cism, states that the water should be only 5 feet (1.5 m) at its deepest point. Although some geocachers choose to hold their breath for the brief dip underwater, many prefer a snorkel to take their time as they locate the clue. The object of your search is the 13 letter brand name of the tires.

Image by gillmert.

After locating the brand name, wade back to shore to begin puzzle solving. The cache page includes a formula which converts each letter of the brand into a number used to calculate the final coordinates. There’s no need to worry about mental math, using pen and paper is highly encouraged for this arithmetic. Following your successful completion of the puzzle, you have all the necessary information to hunt for the cache!

Reluctantly, it’s time to say goodbye to the beach, at least for now. The final coordinates take geocachers away from the beach and toward a road in Flic-en-Flac to find the physical container. After you’ve double checked your math, head to the solved coordinates to begin your search for this unusual geocache.

Image by PHoy.

At last, success! The small container includes a logbook with stories from past finders and SWAG from around the world. If you brought SWAG or trackables from your travels, be sure to leave them for other geocachers to find and enjoy. Following your successful attempt, be sure to sign and write a brief message if you desire. Alas, it’s time to return this geocache to its rightful place.

Image by BENERIC.

As you head for home after this incredible aquatic adventure, the view of the beach will slowly fade from view. Although you’ve left this adventure behind, the mental and physical challenge of this cache will surely leave you with lasting memories of the lovely island of Mauritius. 

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