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The Secret War Tunnel – Geocache of the Week

by The Cretan Runners
N 35° 22.111 E 024° 15.758

Have you ever found a geocache with secrets so mysterious they need to be guarded? How far would you go to uncover the mystery? The Island of Crete may be infamous for its elaborate labyrinths, but this tunnel near Kalivaki Beach has a view—and a secret—like no other. Gear up and prepare for a proper Grecian adventure with this Geocache of the Week: The Secret War Tunnel (GC44N13).

Though it bears no official name, the ‘Secret War Tunnel’ in Georgioupoli has an important history. Used to store ammunition in World War II, this natural cave along Kalivaki Beach was connected to strategic gun positions through a war tunnel. Complete with a carved staircase and artillery storage rooms, this tunnel will take explorers back in time and transport them to an unimaginable view.

Image by druper911.

Your expedition will begin in the village of Georgioupoli along the northern coast of Crete, Greece’s largest island. You might first dip your toes in the water by finding Georgioupolis Sea (GC3QPKG), a nearby Multi-Cache that highlights Georgioupoli’s famous landmark, the Agios Nikolaos Chapel. After getting a taste of the Aegean Sea, you likely won’t want to venture away from the coast. Luckily, the Secret War Tunnel lays nearby, waiting to be uncovered!

Equipped with hiking shoes, a flashlight, long trousers, and—most importantly—a brave heart, you’ll make your way to the published coordinates of GC44N13 . These published coordinates don’t lead to the cache container quite yet, though – this is just where the adventure begins! Under the watchful eyes of the nearby guard goats, you’ll enter the pitch black tunnel whose mysteries can only be imagined…

Image by Myxin.

Once inside the tunnel, you will need to utilize your equipment–especially the brave heart–to locate the artillery storage room and staircase. Cachers who have ventured down the tunnel in the past have reported seeing all sorts of things, including bats and animal bones; much like the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, this journey is not for the faint of heart. Unlike the mythological labyrinth, however, this journey is very short! As geocacher Chucklebus recounts:

“Found today on a fabulous walk around this town, finding some of the local caches. Really enjoyed the hunt and the trail to get to this one – felt like a proper explorer!! Simple find at the end and then a walk back down the steps afterwards. Signed the log book before replacing the cache back as found. Tftc and a favourite point from me.”

Image by The Cretan Runners.

At the staircase, you will need to answer one simple question to be able to access the geocache. With the answer in mind, you can make your way to the light at the end of the tunnel –the exit is in sight! As you emerge, you will be congratulated with a spectacular sight of Kalivaki Beach, the nearby chapel, and Crete’s beautiful coastline stretching away into the distance. Take a moment to feel the saltwater and excitement in the air–you should be able to hear the cache calling your name!

Image by wind&water.

After admiring the view, you will use the answer from the tunnel to solve for the final coordinates of the geocache. Plugging them in will lead you to a nearby pile of stones, proving that there is still so much to uncover with this geocache–literally! You will be rewarded with a small-sized container full of SWAG items and the long-awaited logbook. After signing, be sure to take a picture with the breathtaking view in the background.

Image by manelic del estartit.

As the nearby goats watch you replace the container, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this mystery has been finally brought to light. The Secret War Tunnel that has contained so much history has become a part of geocaching history too, as it brings new visitors to this viewpoint every year.

This will be an unforgettable experience that will remind you that there are still so many secrets and adventures that geocaching has to offer. With this knowledge and the promise of new adventures in mind, you will return back through the Secret Tunnel, knowing that you made it through the labyrinth and emerged victorious.

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