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Lost (in) Place — Geocache of the Week



by lerry64






Bayern, Germany

N 48° 10.717 E 010° 44.453

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your…. geocache?

As geocachers, we find that caching often takes us to new heights. Many of us constantly seek new challenges to climb and mountains to summit. Occasionally, we come upon an obstacle so towering that we couldn’t possibly do it without the help of a few friends. In these instances, we depend on our team to lift us up and help us rise to the occasion. That’s exactly the idea with this Geocache of the Week: Lost (in) Place (GC36R2G).

Heads up, reader, this geocache is not for the faint of heart or those with a fear of heights! Located at the bottom of an abandoned water tower, GC36R2G has earned its Terrain 5 rating and will give you the chance to feel like a true adventurer on their way to rescue Rapunzel from her inescapable tower. So let down your hair and be prepared for the climb ahead of you!

Image by TMrWrong.

The Schwabmünchner water tower itself is a bit of an enigma, as stated by the cache owner. Still, it stands to this day, taunting cachers with its height that makes it seem nearly insurmountable. Only the most dedicated of cachers will be able to overcome this goliath, as it can only be accomplished with the right equipment. In addition to ropes, flashlights, and other climbing gear, the cache owner advises players to bring a rope protector to ensure they can safely reach the small window at the top and claim their prize.

Image by Nembug.

This feat should also not be attempted alone, for several important reasons. As climbing veterans are aware, a climbing partner is essential to apply the tension on the ropes and ensure maximum safety for the climber. It is also crucial to have other geo-pals around, both for photos and a bit of cheerleading!

Once you have prepared your gear and your geocaching team has set out, it is time to decide who will venture up the tower and claim the victory for the group. Look for two small windows stacked along one side of the tower. Only the topmost window is large enough for an adult to squeeze through, so the climber must reach the very top before they descend to the bottom of the tower to claim the cache.

Image by @harsas_geocaching.

Reaching the top window is the easy part for some cachers; for most, the inside of the tower poses some difficulties. Between the tight squeeze, the darkness, and the sudden realization that you are descending into the unknown, you may need to remind yourself of the end goal: the geocache at the bottom of the tower.

As you descend, you will pass the smaller lower window. Besides the chance to soak in more sunlight, this also gives you a small window of opportunity for a photo-op. As many cachers have found, a head and an arm might barely fit out this window to allow you to wave to your geocaching team below.

Image by Claudius48.

Once you finally reach the bottom of the water tower, be sure to look up to see just how far you have come! Now that you have arrived at your destination, you may notice the famed ‘Lost Geocacher’ mannequin who sits at the bottom and “guards” the regular-sized cache. Take a second to appreciate the hundreds of geocachers who have been here before you; you can now proudly add your name to the list of those who have “rescued the damsel in the tower.”

Image by @harsas_geocaching.

Before you get too lost in your imagination, remember your geo-pals who wait just on the other side of the bricks–it’s time to ascend and revel in your victory with your teammates! As they stare at the small windows anxiously anticipating your return, you rejoice in your accomplishment. Another tower climbed, another challenge complete. Finally, with your feet safely back on the ground, you can look up at the colossal tower in front of you and know that you have truly made your mark with geocaching.

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