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Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

There are many remarkable things about geocaching. It helps you discover new places and meet new friends, and find delightfully creative caches. One of the most incredible parts is that volunteers have a huge role in making it all happen. Whether you have found a new cache across the world or down the street, hidden a cache, used our forums, or have used or the Geocaching® mobile app in a language other than English, you have a geocaching community volunteer to thank! There are several types of volunteers in the geocaching world who deserve our appreciation.

Cache owners give their time and creativity to create fun caches. Next time you find a great cache, express your appreciation in your log or give it a Favorite point! Event hosts and Mega and Giga-Event organizing teams also volunteer their time and effort to provide wonderful experiences for our growing community. If you attend one of these Events, make sure to mention how much you enjoyed it in your log.

There are nearly 400 worldwide geocaching community volunteers that include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers (Geoawares), translators, and forum moderators. They dedicate their time to help keep the game in motion as they review geocaches to meet the geocaching and regional guidelines, translate our website and app, and keep our forums positive and helpful.

Interested in joining us to thank your local volunteers? Here are a few ideas:

Curious about what it’s like to be a geocaching community reviewer? Check out HQ’s reviewer podcast series to hear their experiences in their own words.

Geocaching community volunteers have an incredibly positive impact on the game and the geocaching community. Go to the official Geocaching Facebook page on Sunday, May 22, to join us in saying a big ‘Thank You’ to the community’s volunteers.

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