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Let the music play — Geocache of the Week



by jillpit







N 49° 43.581 E 006° 23.260

A faint tune plays in the distance, barely audible among the buzz of the forest wildlife. Could it be? It sounds like… the call to adventure!

Grab your headphones and tune your instruments, cachers! It’s time to tune in to a fantastic adventure with our Geocache of the Week: Let the music play (GC64DTJ). If you like gadget caches that immerse you in a story-telling journey, then this Multi-Cache is music to your ears!

Image by jillpit.

“Searching:,” the sign reads. “Motivated jukebox and vending machine repairman. Professional experience is an advantage. Well paid. Theodor S., Bädergasse 8, Luxembourg.” This job notice on the cache page piques your interest.

In this 11-stage Multi-Cache, you are interviewing to be a jukebox technician with Theodor S., a mysterious man who left the job notice. To prove your skill, you must follow the directions set before you and complete a challenge at each waypoint. Be warned, dear geocacher, these challenges are only for the most dedicated music lovers! Expect to set aside three to four hours to complete this “interview” in the heart of a Luxembourgish forest.

Are you up for the challenge, geocachers? Then let’s rock ’n’ roll!

Image by Luxknight.

It’s time to compose yourself and start on your geocaching journey. Each waypoint contains a physical stage with a different challenge, so there is no time to be wasted! First, prove your technical skills at the Amplifier Repair stage. Then, waltz over to the Perfume Machine stage, where your senses are put to the test. Here, there are eight vials with scents that correlate with your next coordinates. You may have an ear for music, but do you have a nose for this?

Once you sniff out the numbers for your next stage, it’s on to the next one but there’s still a ways to go. This is definitely the most intense interview that a jukebox technician has had to go through!

Image by jillpit.

After you grab a “cup of joe” at the Coffee Maker stage and get to the root of the problem at the Tree Mushroom stage, make your way to the Pneumatic Tube. Reminiscent of this old-school mail delivery system, the pneumatic tube delivers the next coordinates by way of ping pong balls inscribed with numbers. How tubular!

Equipped with the following coordinates, roll on through the Marble Machine stage and finally reach the Crane. Your inner child comes out to assist with this fun stage, as you navigate a claw machine to grab the film canister containing the coordinates for Stage 9.

Finally, after 10 grueling challenges, you reach the final location for GC64DTJ. The final test, a small jukebox set behind glass, determines if you passed the interview and are officially hired as a jukebox technician.

Image by jillpit.

Rock on; you passed the test! Finally, it’s time to toot your own horn because you completed every stage of this difficult challenge set before you. You sign the logbook with a victorious flourish, and now it’s finally time to let the good times roll!

Image by jillpit.

As the music of this geocaching adventure begins to fade away, one might wonder if there are any other adventures in this forest that might strike a chord.

Luckily, cache owner jillpit has a whole set of amazing gadget caches in this very same forest and the surrounding area of Luxembourg. With assistance from the entire family, Thierry constructed each stage of this beloved Multi-Cache and had it tested by both his wife and children.

Image by L8hougs.

After he scouted out the locations and received permission to place the caches, Thierry and family were tasked with creating the storyline for “Let the music play” and finally settled on an adventure where you must complete each challenge to be hired as a jukebox technician. As Thierry states, “I imagined a story around this because collecting and repairing old coin-op stuff is my favorite hobby besides geocaching.”

Through continuous maintenance and care, this musical Multi-Cache stands strong after many years, and cachers from around the world continue to sing its praises.

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