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Plan the perfect trip with Premium features

After a couple of years off, the world is slowly but surely getting back in the swing of things when it comes to travel. We’re all a little rusty at thinking about and planning trips, but don’t worry! Whether you’re traveling near or far, and the Geocaching® mobile app have some Premium features that will make planning a great trip easy.

Filter your search for Favorite points
Wondering what the top sights and attractions in a town or city are? There’s no need to crack open a guide book. Instead, you can use Premium search filters and filter your search for a high number of Favorite points. The results of your search will reveal your itinerary. Highly Favorited caches are often placed near must-see sights or local hidden gems, and sometimes the caches themselves are the attraction. And don’t forget to award Favorite points to the geocaches you love! Premium members earn one Favorite point for every ten geocaches they find.

Pay attention to attributes
Another helpful tool for trip planning is the attribute filter in the Advanced Search filters for Premium members. Attributes let you know what to expect at a cache location and they can be helpful when you’re exploring a new place. Some attributes that are good to filter for when planning your trip’s geocache outings are “Recommended for tourists”, “Public restrooms nearby”, “scenic view nearby”, “Part of a GeoTour”, and “Food nearby”.

Use offline lists
Offline lists are a Premium feature in the Geocaching® app. After you’ve found all these cool caches and great locations, create a List and download it so you can access it using the Trails map anytime. Now you’re set to have a map with all your destinations and future finds whether or not you have wifi. Happy traveling!

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