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The Journal — Geocache of the Week



by Claystalker






Illinois, United States

N 40° 40.563 W 089° 30.086

Gear up and prepare yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime!

Would you decipher a mysterious journal to uncover its hidden secrets? Would you follow the trail to find the family heirloom at the journey’s end?

In the great adventure provided by The Journal (GC484C), you and your team can find all the thrills you desire! If you choose to uncover these lost secrets, expect a tough journey ahead of you. Now that you’ve been warned, our Geocache of the Week, The Journal (GC484C) awaits.

Image by Deermark.

You begin your expedition by poring over the puzzling journal pages left on the cache page. Cryptic symbols stand out, but they don’t make any sense. What could they mean? After a maddening amount of time staring at the lines on the page, the answer finally hits you.

With various papers strewn on the table in front of you, you connect the dots and decipher the coded message. You realize what you must do and begin to prepare for the journey ahead.

Image by Dutchlandian.

The first step to begin this adventure is to assemble your geocaching team. Compile the best puzzle-solves and trekkers that you know; a wide range of skills is needed to make it to the final.

The cache owner states that this is a full-day adventure, so plan accordingly and bring the necessary supplies. The cache page tells stories of past searchers and their experiences, including the lengthy trek over hills, through mud, and even through a rushing river!

Most importantly, dear geocacher, be prepared to have your wits about you.

Image by Griffin14.

Your team finally sets out to follow the journal’s clues and uncover the hidden chest that lies in wait at the final location.

Over the next several hours, you will put not only your body, but your mind, to work. The 5/5 difficulty and terrain combo makes for an exciting adventure, but it must be earned. Your team will explore the wilderness while solving numerous difficult puzzles laid throughout the park. Let’s hope your minds put together is enough to find the solutions and complete the puzzle—before dark!

Image by TeamAlexAbby.

Finally, after hours of hiking and puzzle-solving, you discover the final coordinates! All that work was worth it for the feeling of accomplishment as your team reaches the long-awaited destination.

You find the treasure right where expected—the regular-sized container is big enough to fit all of the team’s usernames and a good amount of tradable items. You can’t help but feel overjoyed as you snap your victorious group photos with the cache! Your journey has come to an end.

Image by chrishakpics.

For some, this adventure has been years in the making. The pages of The Journal taunt many—so attainable, but just out of reach. With the right team, and a little luck, this puzzle—and a family’s lost secrets—can finally be put to rest.

Now it is time for you to rest, too, dear geocachers. This difficult journey is finally over, and only your memories (and your Found it log) remain.

Image by go-purdue.

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