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Vertical Madness — Geocache of the Week

by shandrum
Tennessee, United States
N 35° 08.059′ W 089° 37.448′

Adventure is out there and up there!? We’re taking our next Geocache of the Week to new heights with a tree-climbing cache this week. So strap in and enjoy the climb with Vertical Madness (GC3PBHR).

Along the banks of Herb Parsons Lake in southwest Tennessee is a quiet park with beautiful trees that tower over the visitors. An ammo can sits 71 feet above the ground, carefully placed at the top of one glorious tree.

The cache owner, shandrum, presents every cacher that approaches this tree with a serious challenge, one that cannot be taken lightly and will require some thought and safety equipment. On the cache page, the owner says, “This cache will test your bravery, courage, willpower, fear, physical endurance, and sanity. An incredible view awaits those who succeed.”

Image by LaQuica.

Shandrum knows that this cache will be hard for people to get with its difficulty and terrain rating of 4.5/5, so he graciously assists geocachers in their dream to climb to the top of the tree. He is equipped with all the safety gear and will help anyone who wants to find the cache! There is no need to worry about bringing your own equipment if you don’t have all of the tools required.

You arrive at GZ full of excitement and anticipation to finally find this cache. You may discover that you’re not the only one there to find the cache; other enthusiastic cachers wait with you to get their hands on the cache at the top of the tree. Those who wait for their turn cheer each other on as each person makes their way up. Finally, it’s your turn to get all geared up for the climb.

Images by jtcoffee & Asgoroth.

As your feet leave the ground, the adrenaline kicks in and propels you up the tree. You inch your way higher and higher until you get the hang of it. Admire the view as you start to see over the tops of neighboring trees and the lake nearby. It’s not very often you find yourself climbing 71 feet (22 meters) up a tree.

For many people, the dream to find a cache like this is merely a dream, but it’s a reality for you. As you approach the top, don’t forget to look back and remember how far you’ve come. Before you know it, you’ve made it to the top of the tree!

Image by jebane73.

Finally, you’re within reach of the ammo can and can barely wait to get your hands on it. You make your way up past those last few branches and grab it! Now it’s time to sign the logbook. You flip through the pages of the logbook and smile as you read all the names of geocachers that have made their dream come true before you.

Before you rappel back down, take in this moment: the feeling of victory. Wave to your friends below and snap a picture of yourself up in the tree—only if you dare. This cache is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Images by BeachBumsX2 & TheRiskyOneLives.

With both feet firmly planted back on the ground, you breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that you did it. Celebratory pictures and victory jumps are highly encouraged after the hard work to log this cache. All of the cachers nearby rush to you and congratulate you on your significant accomplishment; this cache is one you will never forget—one of true vertical madness!

Image by jtcoffee.

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