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Vieni dentro, guarda fuori – Geocache of the Week

Trentino–Alto Adige, Italy
N 46° 49.768 E 010° 30.588

Welcome to Lago di Rèsia, an Italian lake just 3 miles (5 km) from a fascinating mountain tripoint: the meeting of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Although peaceful today, the region was once home to furious construction as part of Italy’s wartime defenses in World War II. 

Although some are lost to the sands of time, numerous bunkers remain, some with geocaches ready to be found. So strap on your wading boots and switch on your headlamp; we’re diving into GC2MEFR “Vieni dentro, guarda fuori.” (Come inside, look outside) for our Geocache of the Week!

Image by HusTl.

To begin GC2MEFR, cachers start with a gorgeous perspective of Lago di Resia (Reschensee), an artificial lake with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. A visit to the posted coordinates reveals more than just a simple hill; a keen geocacher can spot a reinforced door that leads directly into the mountain. Draped grasses and roots conceal the entrance to most passers-by, but geocachers are no ordinary visitors!

Image by mapa8387.

Once inside, remember to put on your waterproof boots and switch on your headlamp! The cache owner, TKKR, recommends visitors bring sturdy footwear and a light source to maximize enjoyment and safety while inside the bunker. Soon after entry, explorers arrive at a set of stairs and a ladder to descend deeper inside the complex. The bathmophobic (those with a fear of stairs) or the climacophobic (those with a fear of climbing) may need to head for the exit or muster up some extra courage!

Images by Der_Sheriff (left) and Kajo2013 (right).

With the steps and ladder complete, it’s time to explore! Once an active military fortification of the Kingdom of Italy, the bunker was one of many defenses that formed the Alpine Wall (Vallo Alpino) in the late 1930s and early 1940s. With all weapons now thankfully removed, geocachers can explore the complex’s communication center, kitchen, and passageways.

Image by Der_Sheriff.

Now that you have your bearings within the disorienting tunnel system, it’s time to look for the cache! With so many places to look, where to begin? Thankfully, the cache owner provides detailed instructions within the description for exactly where to locate the small cache. The scattered remains from a bygone era increase the difficulty as there’s plenty to examine. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, a small container pops into view—it’s the cache!

Image by karcsi9641.

A thrilling wave of excitement washes over you as you turn your head to exit. Just like a professional explorer, you navigate the tight corridors and back to the surface without even a pause to double-check. The outside light pours in as you wiggle your way back outside. Phew! The cool air fills your nose as you peer back at the entrance. As you turn to walk away, a thought crosses your mind, “Would I have explored this without geocaching?” But there’s not much time for introspection–there are more caches to find!

Image by Katzenrolle.

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