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Seasonal Goal Setting

Leaves fall, seedlings sprout, and calendar pages flip.🌿🍂

A new season brings renewed vitality, energy, and new goals! Have you made your geocaching goals for the season? 

Recently, you may have felt some changes in the weather near you! The Northern Hemisphere’s summer has turned to autumn, and the Southern Hemisphere has entered the spring season from its extended winter.

As the seasons change and we collectively turn our calendars to new months, it’s a lovely time to reflect on change. It can be a time to consider the past and decide where geocaching can take you next! Here are some special ways to help you to set new goals during a changing season:

Consider past goals

Before you create a new goal, review prior geocaching targets you had in the past. Premium members have access to statistics from their profiles. It includes a monthly breakdown of your find count; this information is crucial to know where you’ve been and where you plan to go next!

Contemplate whether to build off past goals or reduce initial goals that may have been overly lofty. Are there any past goals to revisit or reintroduce in this new season? Spring and autumn are both great times to consider what went right last season and what may need some adjustments.

Explore different areas of the game

Geocaching isn’t just one game, but many! Are there elements to geocaching that you may have overlooked in the past? Take a peek at one specific statistic within your account, titled “Cache Types I’ve Found.”

In the flurry of Traditional Caches, it’s easy to overlook other cache types! Have you found over five cache types? Plenty of unusual cache types may be right around you just waiting to be found. Look for an Event Cache near you as an achievable goal that may be right outside your doorstep.

Expand your goals as a cache owner

With 2022 as the Year of the Hide, Autumn or Spring 2022 might be the perfect time to place a brand new geocache! Are there any locations that come alive during the new season? To expand your horizons as a cache owner, are there any types of caches you haven’t yet hidden?

The new season may give you a perfect reason to share an incredible place or creation with your fellow geocachers. Not to mention, you can earn a souvenir for hiding a cache in 2022! That’s a goal worth achieving!

Take advantage of your environment

A change of season often brings about new considerations about the weather and your environment. Are there any places that were previously inaccessible due to poor weather, such as snow? Conversely, are there any geocaches that may soon be unavailable, whether by extreme temperatures or other conditions?

Examine your surroundings and form goals based on caches that may have just become available or will soon be much more challenging.

Avenge some pesky DNFs

A new season can feel like a breath of fresh air; it might just be the jolt you need to find a tricky cache that had you stumped. Are there any caches that puzzled you last season? Seasonal changes can be the perfect motivator to dust off a strenuous puzzle or get your hands dirty for a perfectly hidden cache.

Do you have any goals for the new season? Share them with us below!

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