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Prepare to be spooked — five haunting caches that will give you chills

Spooky season is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited to re-share some of the creepiest caches we’ve seen in the past year.

From immaculate cache construction to small details like eerie audio, these cache owners are scary good!

Prepare to be spooked with these five spine-chilling, hair-raising, utterly frightening caches:

  1. Starting off strong! Would you have expected to see this ghastly ghoul inside?

    Video by geocachingteam.

  2. There’s nothing creepier than a forest of floating petlings. The scariest part? Not knowing which one has the logbook!

    Video by geocaching_deutschland.

  3. Ok, but if we heard a child’s voice counting in the middle of a forest, that would be a DNF for us.

    Video by nastrud.

  4. A witch with severed fingers saying “I can see you”? We’d be shaking too much to sign the logbook!

    Video by geocaching.deutschland.

  5. “Help me!” Would you give this spooky skeleton a hand?

    Video by gc_aballarin.

These blood-curdling caches may have chilled you to the bone, but we hope they won’t keep you from finding some spooky caches of your own this season!

Have you found or hidden a creepy cache? Share your spookiest finds and hides below!

Source: Geocaching

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