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Request a free Cache Crate™ Trackable

Since 2015, the Cache Crate™ subscription boxes have landed in geocachers’ mail boxes all around the world! Every month, members receive a box full of new gear, trackables, tools of the trade (TOTTs), unique containers, maintenance supplies, limited-edition swag, and fun surprises.

The Cache Crate™ family has grown to include the quarterly Hero Crate, the monthly Cachekinz Club, and a Geocaching T-shirt of the month club! In 2022, they launched the Combo Crate, a Cache Crate + Geocaching T-Shirt combined, for the ultimate geocaching monthly subscription experience.

Cache Advance has been serving geocachers since 2005! As longtime geocachers themselves, the Cache Advance team is dedicated to inspiring cachers to explore, month after month with the Cache Crate™ subscription box.

In celebration of thousands of Cache Crate™ subscribers, Geocaching HQ has teamed up with Cache Crate™ to release 3,500 limited-edition Cache Crate™ Cachekinz trackables across the United States.

Request a Cache Crate™ Cachekinz trackable and learn more about how to get exclusive geocaching gear shipped to you every month →

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