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There And Back Again — Geocache of the Week

by steveshunting
North Island, New Zealand
S 37° 52.305 E 175° 40.940

In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit… and perhaps the most enchanting Multi-Cache in all of Middle Earth.

The Shire is a starting point for many great journeys, and our Geocache of the Week is no exception. Travel with us to the North Island of New Zealand to uncover the secrets of this land; we’re headed “There And Back Again” for GC3VBMT.

Image by FrauBö.

Skeptics might argue the Shire is merely a work of fiction, conjured up by J.R.R. Tolkien; on the contrary, we say. Outside of Matamata is the well-preserved set of Hobbiton, home of the hobbits as depicted in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies. This quaint setting resonates in the hearts of millions, and it’s no surprise geocachers and tourists alike travel great lengths to admire its humble beauty. In 2012, geocacher steveshunting paid homage to the epic franchise by hiding what has since become New Zealand’s fourth most-Favorited geocache in the gentle hills of Hobbiton.

Image by Lulybelle.

Originally a three-stage Multi-Cache, two containers unfortunately perished in the fires of Mount Doom. This means that, to claim the find for GC3VBMT, adventurers must locate only the final stage. Like Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, and other halflings, the cache lives in a hobbit-hole. Cleverly disguised in its verdant surroundings to avoid the Eye of Sauron, it takes the determination and perception of a hero to spot this little treasure.

While a tour of Hobbiton costs a small fee, this cache can be found free of charge along a road less traveled which overlooks the fantastical landscape. To not relish in the whimsy of this location is an impossible task! After pacing up and down the country road, you finally spot it—it’s the geocache!

Image by meninosousa.

Although we can’t promise Smaug’s gold or the Master Ring, finding “There and Back Again” will instead bring enduring memories, a coveted smiley, and a few trackables to exchange. Take a few logs on the cache page as evidence:

What an awesome cache for an awesome place. We LOVED it. One Favorite, wish it could be more. TFTC!” –sneakme

“I love this one! I actually gasped when I saw it!” –lucylou223

“A gorgeous cache in a magical place. Thanks so much for the effort you put in to make this one.” –GreasyDave

Image by Andi_26.

Each name in the logbook represents a fellowship of sorts… the fellowship of the cache! After adding yours, seal the hobbit-hole back up and enjoy the rest of your time in the Shire. Should the dark clouds of Mordor ever trouble you, we hope you can recall this beloved cache, and that it brings a smile to your face.

Image by klettersteigexpertin.

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