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Ustroń – Skalna Twierdza — Geocache of the Week

by Dzastaa95
Śląskie, Poland
N 49° 42.064′ E 018° 50.510′

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a castle upon a rock. The Two Keys Castle has faced trials and tribulations, fighting battles and defending against fire and creatures, yet it stands tall and mighty! Do you have what it takes to navigate this castle and save the cache from the creature that guards it? For this Geocache of the Week, we’re traveling to Śląskie, Poland, for Ustroń – Skalna Twierdza (GC5WX7Q).

When you first arrive at the posted coordinates of this cache, you might be taken aback by the size of the castle! Spires and towers abound, and multiple buildings sprawl as far as the eye can see. However, things might not actually be as they seem.

In fact, you tower over this castle— like a mighty giant! You meet the top of the towers at eye level, and the windows are just large enough to fit your hand in. How could that be?

Image by LiM.

Spanning over six long years, Mr. Roman Holeczek created this miniature world to share with his community. Intricate stonework and craftsmanship can be seen from every angle. Available to search for during daylight hours, geocachers have the opportunity to save the cache from behind the guarded creature in the tower and sign their name in the log.

Image by LiM.

With so many hiding places, it’s best to start your search on one end of the castle and slowly make your way to the other. With countless windows and turrets, the small cache container could be anywhere.

Pay close attention to detail; one particular tower will reveal the castle’s guard! Gentle hands and patience are crucial to saving this cache. Once you see an eagle, you know you’re within reach of the cache.

Image by Pajda6012.

Carefully remove the logbook from the tower and ink your name; you’re now one of the 300-plus geocachers that have made the heroic journey to find the cache in distress!

Now that you successfully navigated to the cache be sure to return it the same way you found it so as not to disturb the well-kept area. Before you make your way back to the beginning, take a moment to appreciate this delightful fortress and the hard work that made it all come to life.

Image by Otnol.

Your bravery will not go unnoticed after this courageous journey; a new smiley face icon appears on the map as you stroll away from the castle on the rock. What adventure are you going to take on next?

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