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Valentine’s Day 2023

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a geocaching proposal?

One of the best parts about geocaching is the community and the wonderful cachers that make it up. Geocaching is even more exciting when you can do it with someone you love. We interviewed two recently-engaged geocachers, and had to share their geo-proposal on this heart-filled day!

What are your geocaching usernames?

Our geocaching user names are CBrisson81 and Garson2021. If I had known how awesome geocaching was at the start and how much I would be in love with it, I would have thought of something clever for my username!

Image by CBrisson81 & Garson2021.

What’s your background outside of geocaching? How did you two meet?

We both work at the same factory in Cornwall, Ontario. I (CBrisson81) have been working there since 2001, and Garson2021 has been there since 2015. So that’s where we first met. After talking and getting to know each other a bit, we noticed some funny similarities. We both had three cats, two boys and one girl. We both had one boy cat with a girly name, lol. We both drove Buicks (still do)! We both drink the same drink from Timmies.

Image by CBrisson81 & Garson2021.

How and when did you hear about geocaching? Have you always cached together?

I (CBrisson81) was first told about geocaching by my younger brother, but I didn’t pay attention to him when he explained what it was. Fast forward a few years to 2021, and I was watching TikToks when there was one about geocaching. I remember thinking, “Hey! That’s what my brother was talking about!” So I downloaded the app and noticed right away that there was one pretty close to our house. So I asked Garson2021 if he wanted to see if we could find it. He said sure!

We couldn’t find it or the second and third ones we tried for. I was getting a little frustrated and almost about to give up on the geocaching hobby when Garson2021 made the find at our fourth cache attempt (GC6K849)…the rest is history. We were hooked from that cache on!

We kind of started two geocaching traditions last year. One is to leave an unregistered trackable in a cache with a Christmas card with our usernames. Hopefully always on Christmas Day. And the other is to be at a cache and log it at midnight on New Year’s Eve. It would be nice if we could do that every year.

Image by CBrisson81 & Garson2021.

How did you get the idea to propose using geocaching?

I (Garson2021) got the idea like any man who pays attention to what his woman loves. And that is geocaching! My original plan was for GCH1W6 because we were thinking of heading to Alberta this summer for our vacation. Due to other circumstances, we chose to keep our vacation costs down by keeping it a little closer to home.

How did you propose? Tell us all the details!

I got to work on a plan for a Toronto cache. With my app in hand, I adjusted the settings to get what I wanted. And the hunt was on, which turned out to be 12 caches finishing at GC8BC2T!

We arrived at the last cache, but before we started looking for it, he handed off his phone to a stranger, and I thought he may have wanted a regular picture instead of our usual selfies. That’s when he started talking to me. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much of what was said because my mind was going a mile a minute. I honestly thought he was going to tell me he lost his keys for some reason, lol. But, instead, to my surprise, he dropped to one knee and popped the question!

We were on a busy street, and people were honking and cheering from a nearby restaurant patio. It is definitely a moment I will never forget. After we caught our breath, we went on to find the cache.

Image by CBrisson81 & Garson2021.

What are your future geocaching plans? Will there be a geocaching wedding?

Our future geocaching plans are the same as any others, increasing our numbers. CBrisson81 is sitting at 1011, and Garson2021 is at 640, newbies, really.

I don’t think the wedding itself will be geocaching-related as it will be very small, with only family and a few friends, but I would like to put a geocache out that is dedicated to our wedding. Something that when you see it, you just know it’s ours!

You, too, can propose to your geocaching sweetie with a geo-proposal! Here are a few tips on how to set one up:

  • Create a cache page with all the details, coordinates, etc., but do not select the Submit for review option. This way, the cache will not be published and will not be publicly visible. Your soon-to-be financé can be the First to Find (FTF).
    • Note: they won’t be able to see the cache online or in the Geocaching® mobile app. Most people print the unpublished cache page and download it to a GPS device to find it. You have the option to submit your cache for review after you propose.
  • Submit your cache and work with the reviewer to publish it on a specific date and time. Keep in mind, if geocachers are quick in your area, your soon-to-be finacé may not be the First to Find. You can enlist a trusted friend to place the cache, set the scene, and guard the area just before you arrive.

Sharing the geocaching love doesn’t have to start and end with Valentine’s Day; the love can be shared year-round. Geocaching is for everyone, and we are excited to see what new love stories come out of 2023. The love doesn’t have to end here; share your geocaching love story in the comments below!

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