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SO CONFUSED — Geocache of the Week

Illinois, United States
N 38° 18.915′ W 088° 57.359′

Stop—wait a minute! How can we find this geocache with all these mixed signals? Can you help navigate this jumble of signs to find the geocache? But take caution; it’s going to be a tough one! Follow us this way to this week’s Geocache of the Week, SO CONFUSED (GC1NABN).

Situated on the side of the road in Mount Vernon, Illinois, you’ll find a chaotic mess of signage (and one traffic light) standing twice as tall as the average human. This pile of road signs is deliberately massed into a piece of outdoor art with one clever micro geocache hiding in the middle of the intersection.

Image by Eman73.

Geocachers must first merge over to this crossroad of a cache location. Could the cache be hiding where there are no U-turns? How about inside the red light on the traffic light? Did you think about checking both ways before searching near the business district sign? The possibilities are endless!

Image by Eman73.

Finally, one last sign catches your attention, and the geocache is in view! You pull the cache from its sneaky hiding place and ink your name with the more than 2,800 other geocachers who have detoured to this cache since 2009.

Image by Tucalota.

As you pack back in the car and head down the road, you can’t help but think about this pile of signs. Was it a statement about the stress of modern road travel? Or maybe it’s just art? The one thing you know for certain is this cache is a sure sign of a smiley!

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