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Pi Day 2023!

Happy Pi Day, geocachers!

We could go around in circles explaining why this special date brings joy to so many people.

Rather than celebrate the first three digits of the numeral pi or the baked dessert by the same name, we decided to graph our excitement this year with pie charts!

Check out the following geocaching pie charts to see “scientific data” on this special hobby, and scroll to the bottom to find a template to create your own!

  • We know that geocachers spend a lot of time on the game, but not all of it is spent searching for a geocache. Check out this breakdown for how time is actually spent while out geocaching:

  • Geocachers often have a lengthy to-do list before and after their cache outings. We were surprised to find out what most of these lists look like:

  • When signing a logbook, geocachers have their utensil of choice. We weren’t surprised by most of these answers, but we discovered some unconventional means of signing. It looks like geocachers will make do in a pinch:

  • Here are some of geocachers’ favorite (and less favorite) types of hides:

  • Finally, we took a poll for why geocaches choose to geocache, but we ended up scrapping the whole thing and made our own instead:

Thank you, geocachers, for being a part of this wonderful game. We ran the numbers and the results are in: we are 100% grateful for all of you.

Want to join in on the Pi Day fun? Use the pie chart template below to create your own geocaching pie chart (no scientific data necessary)!

Create your own pie chart:

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