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Rundtosset nøglestafet — Geocache of the Week

by friisnielsen73
N 55° 36.249′ E 008° 28.208′

What do you get when you cross a birdhouse with an obstacle course? One exciting geocache! We’re traveling to Denmark to find our Geocache of the Week, Rundrosset nøglestafet (GC56N5D).

Located in western Denmark is the most exciting birdhouse in all the land. Standing all alone in the woods and finding the cache is not the hard part. According to the cache page, the coordinates will lead geocachers directly to the birdhouse. Once geocachers arrive at GZ, that’s when the fun begins.

Image by J.Mejdahl.

Open the front of the birdhouse and the above image will be presented to all geocachers who attempt to sign the logbook. Four cylindrical plastic compartments with a small hole on the front are filled with miscellaneous items, such as golf balls and film containers, and sit ready for action. On the inside of the door is a small handful of wooden skewers; with these, the logbook will be easier to find.

Image by Cernunnos77.

Start at the top cylinder, stick the skewer into the little open hole, and move the items around until the film canisters fit perfectly into the hole inside the cylinder. Two film canisters must work down to the open spot at the bottom. Inside the canisters are two magic keys that will unlock the padlocks at the bottom of the birdhouse.

Image by Follow the B.

With a lot of hard work and determination, both film canisters make their way to the bottom, and now it’s time to unlock the padlocks. Once both are unlocked, the locks are removed, the bottom flap falls open, and the glorious cache container is in sight.

Image by Follow the B.

Finally, the cache container is in hand! Since June 2014, over 800 geocachers have succeeded in this obstacle relay! This geocache has almost 600 Favorite points, and now we know why! Once the logbook is inked, lock back up the container and return the keys to the film canisters and drop them in the hole at the top. Which geocache will you attempt next?

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