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Bruchbude—Geocache of the Week

by S.E.C.
Niedersachsen, Germany
N 52° 56.320 E 009° 53.291

So you found all the challenging caches, huh? Every terrain 5 in the area crossed off your list, with a yellow smiley face to mark your success. You may think you’ve seen it all, that no cache could possibly give you angst at this stage in your geocaching career.

Well think again, because our Geocache of the Week, Bruchbude, is here to prove you wrong by bringing your worst fears to life!

Image by MUNYO.

As you walk on the wooded path toward GZ, you feel a sense of calm. Your guard is down, even. Little do you know that you’re about to have the scare of a lifetime!

You arrive at the cache location to discover a constructed wooden box on a pole. Nothing suspicious here, right? This is an easy find, and you’ll soon be on your way to the next cache!

Yet as you reach for the door…


Crash! Bang! Boom!

Those aren’t just the sounds of the geocache collapsing in front of you, but also your hopes of this being a quick find—you broke the geocache!

At your feet lie the demolished sides of the cache container. How could this have gone so wrong? How will you ever explain this to the cache owner?

To calm your shock, you inspect the pieces and take a look at the pole still standing. You notice a mousetrap-like contraption where the house once stood. That’s odd… Slowly you realize that this may be a set-up—were you framed?

Image by T-Mac2.

As you look at the logbook now in front of you and read the cache logs on the page, a thought solidifies. All the cachers that have come before you sing the praises of this geocache and simultaneously recount their shock upon finding it. You realize with relief that this was all intentional!

With that burden off your chest, you go to sign the logbook. One cache down, many more to—wait a second, how are you going to put this back together?

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