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Space Invader—Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by Simply Paul
London, United Kingdom
N 51° 31.211′ W 000° 07.046′

The search for alien life is right at your fingertips.

Over 1,000 reports of something ‘out of this world’ are coming in from London since 2018. Could it be an interstellar species? Just a weather balloon? An enthusiastic hobbyist? Whatever it may be, conspiracies are floating around as to what this geocache is, who placed it, and what it means for the rest of the world.

Cache owner, Simply Paul and mysterious partner Tim Hunkin (if that’s even a real name), were the first to come into contact with the Space Invader, and fortunately made peace with our interstellar friends. You can make peace with them too if you’re clever enough and know where to look!

Hiding in plain sight is core to our game, and the survival of our interstellar friends. There is an added layer of protection here, in that this is a multi-stage Letterbox Hybrid, and can only be found during the general hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Not every nook in London is created equal, as when you arrive at the coordinates you see a storefront filled with eclectic objects and plenty of hiding spots.

Video by JoJo_Loves_Adventure via Instagram

At the final location, it may seem like these space invaders are elusive, but if you are worthy, they will descend from above in their bright and colorful spaceship and grant you friendship, a logbook, and maybe ask for a hint on one of those pesky church micros in the U.K.

Nearby, a switch appears to summon such an event. Bright green lights start to flash, a metallic saucer slowly comes down from the heavens, and it eventually stops right in front of you. It turns out that the rumors are true; there is a U.G.O. (unidentified geocaching object) in London that only geocachers can interact with. This may be the first of many ‘out of this world’ geocaches, but there may be more out there hiding and waiting for you to find them! Tell us about your interstellar cache experiences below!

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