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See’n Sucht—Geocache of the Week

by ThP2068
Niedersachsen, Germany
N 53° 40.587 E 007° 28.773

Some geocaches really grab your attention and draw you in, almost like a magnet. Does that ring a bell? What about a wind chime?

Creativity and innovation make for amazing geocache hides, and the geocaching community never lacks inspiration. Our Geocache of the Week, See’n Sucht (GC8JHXD), will prove that some places really are made for a geocache!

Image by IraPonja.

Cache owner ThP2068 begins our journey on a beach path that leads to a seawater swimming pool. As they describe it, the ​​Jörn-Darms-Weg has a trail of herbs that you can smell and taste as you meander. As you cruise on by, be sure to look at the nautical themes displayed in the artwork along the path. One may even contain the secret to the geocache you seek.

Image by HeiDi211.

You arrive at GZ and stop in front of a wind chime installation. Your eyes breeze over the rolling waves and the soaring seagull, down to the sturdy sailboat and pair of fish that rotate at the bottom of the structure. Crafted by a local artist, it’s clear that no detail was left out of this incredible piece of art.

Even an inscription at the base reads “GC,” seeming to taunt you as you look for the geocache. Unless…


Re-reading the cache page, you realize exactly where the geocache is and what tool you’ll need to retrieve it. Soon enough, you extract the geocache from the hidden drawer, almost as if performing a magic trick. While you were distracted by the scents and sounds of the garden path, the cache was under your nose the whole time!

Image by DreiTreiser.

You add your name to the long list of finders that have floundered before you and perform your magic trick again, this time to carefully replace the cache container. As you continue on the path, gazing out at the ocean and listening to the wind chimes, you know that this cache has got you completely hooked!

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