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Les poissons rouges de Damery — Geocache of the Week

by Sébal_Family
Grand-Est, France
N 49° 04.792′ E 003° 52.374′

In the beautiful Champagne wine region east of Paris is the most ‘fin’tastic Multi-Cache. This two-stage Multi-Cache is for fish and wine lovers alike. So, roll up your sleeves and channel your inner fisherman with this Geocache of the Week, Les poissons rouges de Damery (GCA6GYD).

Navigating to this cache takes you through rolling hills of grape vines with 360º views; getting distracted on the drive to GZ is easy. Travel the dirt road between the growing vines until you reach the dead end. Does anything stand out as odd or out of place as you stumble out of the car? A large cement water trough sits on the edge, exactly where Waypoint 1 is; how strange.

Image by WatermanHQ.

Notice little containers at the bottom of the water as you get closer to the trough. Now, it’s to roll up your sleeves and find the answers! To move on to the final location of the cache, you must reach your hand down to the bottom to retrieve the little plastic fish. Collecting the correct fish and laying them in the right order spells out the final coordinates.

Image by WatermanHQ.

Hopefully, after not getting too wet and rearranging the fish in the correct order, you finally have the key information to get to the final cache location. Before heading off to sign the logbook, return the fish to where they came from so they don’t dry out!

Image by frenchtart.

The geocache is hidden just a short distance away from the water. What makes this cache so special is not only the fishing theme but also the beautiful countryside it resides in. With the cache tucked back in place, don’t be koi; take a group photo to commemorate a fun outing and the oppor’tuna’ty to cache between the grape vines in France.

Image by WatermanHQ.

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