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“PIRATE PROJECT” Off Course and Marooned—Geocache of the Week

by youngoldfella
Queensland, Australia
S 23° 25.985 E 144° 15.197

Ahoy matey, seek ye a Geocache of the Week?

With a treasure so rare, yer gonna have to fight tooth and nail to recover this loot! Be ye bold enough, or be ye a yellow-bellied, lily-livered landlubber?

If it wasn’t clear, we haven’t had enough of Talk like a Pirate Day! We hope you haven’t either because our Geocache of the Week, GCAC4P0, will surely shiver yer timbers! So, if you’re ready to set sail with us, it’s time to batten down the hatches, weigh anchor, and hoist the sails!

Image by youngoldfella.

Published as a part of the Pirate Project for Talk like a Pirate Day, GCAC4P0 meets all the criteria of a great pirate-themed cache: a sunken ship, a mysterious skull that is somehow still wearing an eyepatch, and, of course—the sought-after booty! What isn’t there to love?

Fortune-seekers can begin their search by grabbing their treasure map, nautical compass, and trusty telescope and head to the spot marked ‘X’ on the map. What treasure are we seeking, you ask? Why, only the coveted treasure from a missing ship, The Phantom. That’s right, scallywag: Dread Eye’s bounty.

Image by austreesNaustpark.

At 30 paces (9 meters), it’s time for you buccaneers to start your hunt! Luckily, the cache page has an image of the ghostly ship that you’ll seek, which means the treasure will be in your grasp in no time.

Not so luckily for you, The Phantom is still guarded by its skeletal crew! Be careful to retrieve the bounty without getting caught!

Image by FlutterBeryl.

At last, matey, you have secured the treasure and the ghostly logbook to document your journey. Scrawl your name on the list among the other pirates that have escaped Davy Jones’ locker. It’s finally time to count your loot!

Doubloons, jewels, trackables—you’ve hit the jackpot! And yet…

As you replace the cache and check that everything is shipshape, you look off into the distance where the sun starts to set. Despite this grand adventure and the dazzling bounty you recovered, you can’t help but think…the real treasure was the amazing memory you made along the way.

Image by SuezyD.

Or was it the 2023 Pirate Geocoin from Shop Geocaching? Eh, same difference!

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