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15 reasons why you should hide a geocache

Do you love finding geocaches but hiding them feels daunting? We teamed up with the geocaching community volunteer reviewers to devise 15 reasons why you should take the leap and hide your own geocache.

1. Share a place you love
Sharing is caring. A waterfall, an amazing view, a picturesque pocket park—sure you could hide a cache simply because there’s room on the map, but bringing others to a great location is one of the best reasons to hide your cache.

2. Highlight hidden gems
It might be a stunning mural in a rarely visited alley, hyper-local history in a location not talked about in any travel blog, or the bench you sat on under a lovely tree when you got your first kiss. Bringing people to places with meaning they would have otherwise not known about is another great reason to hide your cache.

3. Collect the 2023 hider souvenir
Receive a digital reminder of your contribution to the game that lives on your profile if your cache is published before the end of the year.

4. Surprise and delight other players
Putting a smile on the face of geocachers when they find your cache is another great reason to place one. You could use an unusual container, clever camouflage, or excite them with a fun field puzzle.

5. Give back
If you enjoy geocaching, giving back to the game by adding quality caches to the gameboard is how we all continue to play.

6. Challenge yourself
Feel a sense of accomplishment when you find the perfect container to fit a specific location and hide it very well. Once you read the logs about the fun time others had when finding your cache, it will all be worth it.

7. Celebrate a special geocaching moment
You may have reached a milestone, or you found all caches in a 100-mile radius. Ride that wave of joy and celebrate by hiding a cache inspired by and dedicated to your favorite finds.

8. Create vacancy
Some of the most beloved caches are so-called trackable hotels. If you always wanted to own a bed-and-breakfast but don’t know where to start, your reason for an exceptional hide could be to give geocaching trackables a temporary rest on their journey.

9. Create an experience
Be it physical, or mental: hiding a geocache can provide engaging experiences to others. You can hide a cache in a tree, one that is only accessible by a long hike, or create a fun puzzle cache for those who like to exercise their brain.

10. Feel the love
Receive Favorite points (hearts) from other players when you hide an exceptional cache.

11. Show off a skill
If you know how to build, engineer, or tell a great story, a reason for hiding could be to show off your skills. Build a unique container, create a gadget cache, share historical facts of an area in an engaging way, or take players along with you on an exciting adventure through storytelling.

12. Connect with nature
Finding a spot to hide your cache will get you outdoors and reconnect with nature.

13. Be part of something bigger
With almost 3.4 million geocaches hidden all over the world, you are contributing to a worldwide phenomenon.

14. Foster community
Hiding caches includes Event Caches. If you are looking to meet cachers in your neck of the woods, host an Event Cache to get to know them, and plan future cache outings.

15. Qualify for a Virtual Reward 4.0
Hide a cache that receives at least 4 Favorite points by December 31, 2023 for a chance to own a Virtual Cache. See how you can qualify on the blog.

Did any of these reasons resonate with you? If you’re ready to hide, here are additional resources that make hiding your first (or 100th) cache a little easier:

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