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Wer schlumpft denn hier? #1 — Geocache of the Week

by schneckche
Hessen, Germany
N 50° 00.759′ E 008° 58.086′

What’s a better way to start the day than with a Smurf-themed Geocache of the Week (GC9XV8Y)? Outside Frankfurt, Germany, are seven Smurf-inspired Traditional geocaches with a ‘smurf’tastic bonus cache at the end. Join us on this wild adventure to find all the missing Smurfs!

Image by @marcymaiko on Instagram.

A tour around town and through the quiet forest quickly turns into a game of hide and seek as geocachers dodge the eyes of Gargamel on the way to find all the Smurfs and the final cache.

Each of the seven cache pages gives the same short story; a quick tour awaits as you try to locate the seven missing Smurfs. Each cache has its unique hint to help explorers find that specific Smurf.

Image by @marcymaiko on Instagram.

These little blue Smurfs are hiding around every corner, but where? High in the trees, tucked around tree trunks, or nestled in the leaves, they can be anywhere! With each Smurf, there is a petling container and a logbook inside. Behind the first few trees, the first Smurf is spotted! Smurfaroo! Only six more to go!

Vanity Smurf is attached to a tree trunk, Nat Smurfling is nestled in the roots of a tree, Papa Smurf is at the bottom of a rock, and Smurfette is standing on a log. The CO, schneckche, reminds geocachers to write down exactly which Smurf at each stop. This information is key to finding the bonus cache! Write down the name needed with a pen and paper, and then it’s time to move on to the next one.

Image by @marcymaiko on Instagram.

With the journey through the trails almost complete, only one Smurf is left to find, and this is the hardest one. There’s no time for clowning around; Gargamel is getting closer. Finally rounding the last bend, a glimmer of the most beautiful thing is in view, Clown Smurf! Holy Smurf, they’re all found!

Time to move on to the cache page of Wer schlumpft denn hier? – BONUS (GC9XW1Y) and fill in the missing information to get to the bonus! After a few minutes of serious number crunching and the help of Brainy Smurf, the final coordinates are entered into the device, and it’s time to go!

Image by MUNYO.

Off the side of the trail, up against a tree in the cutest little Smurf home, is the final cache. You open up the house and find three little Smurfs enjoying each other’s company. Safe at last! Gargamel couldn’t keep up, and you found all the Smurfs safe and sound. Ink your name on the final logbook and wave goodbye to all the wonderful friends made. It’s time to continue on to another adventure!

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