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Q’s Geo-Plinko — Geocache of the Week

by geomedic5747
Illinois, United States
N 40° 35.271 W 089° 45.043

Step right up for a game of Q’s Geo-Plinko! You’ll need a bit of good luck to log this Geocache of the Week, GC5BQX1. This oversized game/cache combo is sure to entertain!

As you approach GZ, you see a green, wooden chest standing about five feet tall in the distance. An acrylic Geocaching® logo is attached to the front of the chest, and an ammo can sits on the ground beneath. With the cache container out in the open, you think you’ve come across your easiest geocache find yet. But wait—the adventure with this geocache has just begun!

Image by geomedic5747.

Upon closer inspection of the ammo can, you realize it is locked. Somehow, you’ll need to get the code to open up the cache container. You open the latches on the front of the chest and swing the double doors open to investigate. Inside, you find something truly unique: a giant, Plinko-inspired game!

Image by geomedic5747.

You notice tokens lined up vertically in a track, to the right of the pegboard, with arrows pointing upwards on either side. You place your finger inside the hole in the middle of the top token and move it upwards until you reach the top. Then, you move the token to the left until it is suspended above the middle of the pegboard. Eagerly, you let go. “Clink, clink, clink,” the token quickly tumbles towards the bottom of the board. Despite high hopes, the token does not appear in the “winner” slot.

Image by spiritwolf922.

Unwilling to give up, you follow the same steps one more time. You wait anxiously as the token cascades between pegs toward the “winner” slot. This time, you are a winner! The prize? The code to access the coveted logbook for Q’s Geo-Plinko. Once you’ve signed the logbook, you head out to pursue your next gadget cache find.

Image by Bighouseadventures.

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