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Massolit — Geocache of the Week

by elales
Małopolskie, Poland
N 50° 03.504′ E 019° 55.772′

What’s better than a magic atmosphere, a cozy cup of coffee, and a geocache? Travel to Felicjanek Street to find all this and more with our Geocache of the Week, GC22VTD.

In the old town of Krakow in southern Poland, it’s easy to get lost exploring the stunning architecture around every corner. One special place to stop while visiting is Massolit Books & Café for a cozy afternoon and a geocache!

Image by lynx-eye.

The bookstore and cafe are open seven days a week and 10 hours a day. Once you arrive at GZ, enter the shop—no need to interact with any staff workers to find the geocache.

Smells of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries fill the air as the front doors open and greet each new guest. Chatter from visitors throughout the shop echoes as the hunt for the geocache begins.

Image by gminer1105.

Seek out a miniature trunk nestled somewhere in the common space. It’s just out of reach from everyday cafe goers but noticeable enough for the trained eye of a geocacher. Once the coast is clear from wandering eyes, grab the trunk and bring it down to a nearby table. This is when the magic happens!

Image by Annocas.

Inside the tiny box is a logbook full of signatures from past geocachers that came before. SWAG (stuff we all get) fills the bottom of the box for all to trade. After inking your name and swapping some SWAG, it is time to return the geocache where you found it.

Image by CrabandLobster.

Before packing up and heading out, enjoy the atmosphere, grab something to sip, and enjoy the houseplants. It’s not every day you get the chance to find a geocache in such a relaxing and cheerful place.

Image by losikoova.

“Finding this cache was on my to-do list for my trip in Kraków after spending time in lovely Wrocław for the Geocaching Party Mega-Event. The cache did not disappoint! Such a special cafe and store, and I would never have found it if it weren’t for the cache guiding me here. Thank you for placing and maintaining this cache! 💚” – gminer1105

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