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M m m my Corona! – Geocache of the Week

by Flinstone4
British Columbia, Canada
N 49° 16.674 W 123° 14.672′

Silly SWAG, notorious trackables, and *gasp* spiders! Players often like to discuss the unexpected items they find in geocaches. But what’s the most surprising thing you found as a geocache?

M m m my Corona! (GC9FBMY) is an unexpected delight like no other. With more than 100 Favorite points, this cache is a crowd hit. We don’t need to spell it out for you—creative caches like this are really our TYPE!

The title is the first clue that M m m my Corona! is an interesting cache. At first glance, it appears to be a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the 1979 hit song My Sharona.
After a second look and second guess, perhaps it’s an homage to the British Commonwealth.

The cache description only adds to the mystery. “The cache is for those who tend to forget their writing implements,” writes cache owner Flinstone4. Well, a geocache with its own pen is always welcome, right?

Photo by Kelaino80.

Approaching Ground Zero, one could almost forget about the cache for a moment. On a sunny day, geocachers are treated to stunning views of British Columbia and the Salish Sea. On a much more common cloudy day, the surrounding neighborhood and forests make for a pleasant stroll, no matter the weather.

Anticipation only grows as a large plastic bin, expertly painted to blend in with its surroundings, comes into view. Inside the cache is—a suitcase? Some geocachers might recognize this unusual container right away, while others can still only guess.


Inside is none other than a fully functional Smith Corona typewriter! Talk about old school! The cache owner invites (and challenges) players to type or sign their username on the log sheet. Looking back through the signatures and typos, it’s easy to understand why the ‘delete’ key was invented. At least you can use spell-check on your digital log.

Photo by mostly_moss.

When was the last time you found a geocache you wanted to write home about? The New Year is here, and we encourage you to make your clever and quirky cache ideas a reality.

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